06 April 2009

Power Rankings

As a corollary to my projections, I'll add the rankings of each team, 1-30. The projections took their schedules into account, so sometimes a better team may have a worse record in the projected standings.

1 Boston Red Sox
2 New York Yankees
3 Tampa Bay Rays
4 Atlanta Braves
5 New York Mets
6 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
7 Philadelphia Phillies
8 Chicago Cubs
9 Detroit Tigers
10 Cleveland Indians
11 Arizona Diamondbacks
12 St. Louis Cardinals
13 Minnesota Twins
14 Seattle Mariners
15 Milwaukee Brewers
16 Colorado Rockies
17 San Francisco Giants
18 Cincinnati Reds
19 Chicago White Sox
20 Los Angeles Dodgers
21 Toronto Blue Jays
22 Kansas City Royals
23 Oakland Athletics
24 Houston Astros
25 Baltimore Orioles
26 Florida Marlins
27 Texas Rangers
28 San Diego Padres
29 Washington Nationals
30 Pittsburgh Pirates

There may be a slight bias towards the American League because I include pitchers' hitting in the National League offensive projections. If/when I figure out an appropriate correction for the rankings, I'll adjust them. That also might mean Atlanta has a better chance against Boston in the World Series. Then again, I assumed no home field advantage in the World Series, so if the AL wins the All-Star Game again, the bias will probably correct for that.

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