30 April 2009

My Happy Rankings

This is completely non-analytical. These are the teams I like, no matter the reason.

1. Chicago White Sox
2. St. Louis Cardinals
3. Atlanta Braves
4. Florida Marlins
5. Toronto Blue Jays
6. Kansas City Royals
7. Boston Red Sox
8. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
9. Cincinnati Reds
10. Baltimore Orioles
11. Minnesota Twins
12. Tampa Bay Rays
13. Los Angeles Dodgers
14. Arizona Diamondbacks
15. Seattle Mariners
16. San Diego Padres
17. New York Mets
18. Oakland Athletics
19. Philadelphia Phillies
20. Pittsburgh Pirates
21. Texas Rangers
22. Detroit Tigers
23. Chicago Cubs
24. New York Yankees
25. San Francisco Giants
26. Cleveland Indians
27. Milwaukee Brewers
28. Houston Astros
29. Colorado Rockies
30. Washington Nationals

Doing this has pointed out to me that I really have pretty positive feelings about almost every team. I don't dislike any teams; the bottom teams I feel rather neutral about. I also can tell how this has changed over time, so maybe I'll redo this list every once in a while. My feelings are based on so many things, including but not limited to: direction the franchise is taking, the players on the teams, quality of pitching, and regard for defense. Success has obviously impacted the ratings as well, when the Washington Nationals finish last. However, I think it's more the way they succeed that gets me happy.. My top 6 are generally underrated and/or underdogs. I've been very impressed with the Red Sox organization lately (Smoltz, Baldelli, Saito..). The Angels are LA's second team, like the ChiSox here. Speaking of which, the Mets fell to 17 despite that. Cincinnati, Baltimore, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay have exciting young players.

Happiness playoffs (if the season ended now)

AL Central White Sox over AL West Angels
AL East Blue Jays over AL Wild Card Royals

NL Central Cardinals over NL Wild Card Marlins
NL East Braves over NL West Dodgers

AL Central White Sox over AL East Blue Jays

NL Central Cardinals over NL East Braves

AL White Sox over NL Cardinals

If that happens, I promise I'll smile!

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